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The Hunter Valley is home to a wide variety of real estate, from heritage agricultural properties, to large scale commercial, to innumerable family homes roofed in Colorbond, and the professionals from Maitland Roofing have been there to ensure each and every roof is cared for, repaired and maintained for over twenty years.

Our service area extends down the Hunter Valley to Newcastle from Maitland, North into Port Stephens and South all of the way to Gosford. Within this service zone our licensed and insured tradespeople will travel straight to your property to repair, maintain or upgrade your greatest asset with the utmost of care.

Roofing Services and Roof Repairs

Maitland Roofing are able to maintain, repair, remove or install any roofing surface found in NSW, and are outfitted to provide an exhaustive range of roofing services.

Tiled Roof Repairs and Services

Tiled roofs are extremely common throughout the Hunter Valley region, particularly on residential properties and those with smaller roof areas. While extremely reliable, tiled roofs require regular maintenance and occasional repair to ensure that they are able to live up to their potential.

Some repointing of the ridge caps (tiles covering the joins between surfaces of the roof area) is typically required every few years. This process re-seals the space between the ridge cap and the tiles beneath and creates a smooth concourse for water to flow off. Similarly, some rebedding, in which the ridge tiles are permanently affixed to the roof surface is typically required every few years as tiles and the cement that binds them ages.

Drainage along the top ridge line can be problematic for older tiled roofs that have been rebedded numerous times. The repeated reapplication of cement creates an interior pocket in which moisture can collect; as part of every roof assessment we check for this problem, and ensure the ridge line is able to drain properly before it overflows into the insulation, electrical wiring and plaster of the roof cavity below.

Colorbond Roofing and Gutters

Clean and effective gutters are vital to a roofs ability to channel water, and to deposit it away from the building itself in a manner that won't cause damage or inconvenience. We are proud to be able to provide gutters to match all common profiles in authentic Australian made Colorbond steel. Famous for its durability and weather resistance, Colorbond steel is an Australian icon built to survive our diverse climates and extreme sun exposure.

The benefits of Colorbond steel can even be applied to the roof as a whole through the benefits of a Colorbond roof replacement. When a roof is far into its lifespan, faults are becoming numerous and the surfaces themselves are slowly becoming an eyesore a re-roof resolves every problem at once. First the aged and worn roof surface is stripped away, before all necessary sub-surface repairs are performed, the roof rafters are rebattoned, new weather sealing is installed and finally the entire roof surface is replaced with brand new Colorbond steel.

The new roof will look brand new for many years, resist the Australian climate spectacularly and most importantly, keep the building and resident beneath bone dry, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Roof Restoration

Restoration is appropriate for both tiled and metal roofs, and serves to restore a roof to brand new condition, and as a cheaper alternative to re-roofing, when addressing the full scope of a roofs maintenance problems does not require so drastic an option.

As the first step of a roof restoration the entire roof surface is fully repaired - drainage, sealing, all tiles, any rusted or weathered components are all replaced. Following this, the entire roof surface is pressure cleaned and allowed to dry before being re-painted and re-sealed using quality, independently warranted and guaranteed roofing paints.

The end result of a roof restoration is the entire surface returned to a brand new state, fully repaired, with bright, vibrant colour and fresh sealing against all weather.

Roofing Services and Products

We provide a variety of roof products designed to extend the life of your roof, lower maintenance or aid in controlling the climate of your home. Please ask us about Gutter Guard, available in PVC and fire-resistant aluminium to negate the chore of cleaning out your gutters, and roof ventilators to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

In heavy downpours it is very common to discover a leak in your roof at the worst possible time - we offer an emergency callout service for priority leak detection and repair for this exact reason.

Maitland Roofing... The Local Choice

Why Maitland Roofing

The veteran roofing professionals from Maitland Roofing have been providing the local region with roofing tradesmen for over twenty years.

We believe that the most vital parts of our service to our customers are the parts that matter most to them - because of this we focus our efforts on providing competitive prices, flawless quality workmanship and a zero-stress experience for every customer.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Your experience with Maitland Roofing will be as streamlined as possible; with a minimum of inconvenience to you. Prior to the arrival of any tradespeopleat your location, you will be personally notified by your project manager, who will remain in touch throughout every phase of your job, and your property will be cleaned and tidied afterwards, with all remnants of the work completed disposed of elsewhere.

Licensing, Insurance and Qualifications

We are uncompromising about exclusively providing the highest quality work to all of our valued customers. Our guarantee to you is that all tradespeople are indepently scrutinized to ensure all, OH & S, trade licensing, insurance and public liability requirements are fully met toi ensure that your property is in the safest possible care.

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Roof Inspections and Roof Assessments

Our mobile assessors are available to meet with you by appointment at any location throughout the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Lake Macquarie region to discuss your requirements on-site. At your discretion, their advice is also available regarding roof restorations, gutter guard, whirly bird roof ventilators and other roofing products to ensure the comfort of or protect your home beneath. In order to make your appointment please simply provide your details below and we will be in touch immediately to schedule your appointment.

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